Help Flint with his BIG Heart

He can live a full and happy life with your support

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He can live a full and happy life with your support

Flint was born at East Lake Pet Orphanage - his mother, Garnet, was rescued from a local area kill-shelter just days before she gave birth to Flint and siblings.

During a routine exam, one of our doctors noticed a heart murmur. After further investigation, it was determined that he has a congenital defect in his heart called pulmonic valve stenosis - which means that his heart has to work a LOT harder to keep his blood moving in the appropriate ways.

As Flint continues to grow with an enlarged heart, he may become exercise intolerant, tire easily, and as with some severe cases of pulmonic stenosis, could collapse suddenly due to his heart struggling to pump more and more blood.

Our goal to help Flint is to raise funds to be able to send him to the Texas A&M University Veterinary Cardiology Department where he will be evaluated to see if he is a good candidate for a procedure that can relieve him of this defect in his heart. The procedure, called a balloon valvulaplasty, can result in Flint living a perfectly normal rest of his life.

Help Flint have a second chance at a healthy, active life that he deserves!