Saved by The Dallas Police Department, Luigi needs your help

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*UPDATE 01/24/19*

After a closer look, it has been revealed that Luigi suffered a fractured pelvis when he was struck by a car on a busy freeway. Although he faces a longer road to recovery than initially expected, we are hopeful that he will live a full and loving life with the right forever home.

With Luigi's fractured pelvis, he will require specialist surgery that will add additional expense to his recovery. We have adjusted our goal to meet his needs, we are hopeful that he will have the best chances at recovery with your support!

Watch Luigi's update video:

When the Dallas Police Department was alerted of a stray dog running through traffic on a busy highway during rush hour, they stepped in to try and help the situation from ending badly.

When officers arrived, they found that Luigi had been struck by a car and was laying in the road. They pulled over to help him, but as an officer dragged him to the shoulder, a passing car struck the police cruiser. Luckily, both the officer and Luigi were safely out harms way.

When Luigi was brought to East Lake Pet Orphanage, he immediately went into emergency care where he was discovered to have several fractured vertebrae, lacerations on his legs and face, and was recovering from a concussion. We are hopeful that he will have a full recovery and will soon find a forever home off the streets.